Thursday, October 9, 2008

ChoiceBot for the Canadian Election

Here's a fun toy: it's a ChoiceBot that has been set up for the Canadian election.  ChoiceBots are decision-assisting tools that help break down a choice into various questions where the alternatives are laid out so you can rate them.  In this case, the questions are various policy issues, and the alternatives are drawn from the party platforms.  It doesn't seem to have been updated after the release of the Conservative platform--a number of issues show "Not announced on party website" for them--but you can of course ignore the write-up that's presented and reflect on your own understanding of the policies and platforms.  Anyway, it's kind of fun to play with, and it might be useful for exploring second choices or other strategic voting questions (if you're so inclined).  Enjoy.

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Nick Desbarats said...

Thanks for the write-up Keith. I'm pleased to report that this ChoiceBot has been used almost 2,000 times since we put it up on Wednesday.

Great blog, btw.

Nick Desbarats (Founder, ChoiceBot Inc.)